David Lockhart grew up in the backwoods of Oakland CA, raised by a healthy diet of Star Wars films, Ninja training, freeze tag, and comic books.


David broke his leg the summer before the 8th grade and it turned out to be one of the biggest breaks of his professional life! His parents felt sorry so for him that he couldn’t go swimming on the Russian River that they bought him a Camcorder to play with, and he has never stopped since.

Among the titles Lockhart and his high school buddies created was his take on Mad Max’s Road Warrior which was titled Sidewalk Warriors, as well as the crime -solving show Salt Lake City Vice and action adventure Arizona Smith and the Temple of Fools.

After graduating the prestigious PHS he received a degree at California State University, Chico in Media Arts with a minor in Theater. After studying at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and being the lead in productions including Bodies and Hearts, Misalliance, and David took a job as a writer, producer and correspondent for the TechTV shows X-Play and Internet Tonight. The show won back-to-back regional Emmys for “Best Entertainment Program” and “Best Educational Special.”

David decided it was time to switch gears and focused his talents on something that would have a positive influence on young people by taking theater to schools.

In the traveling theater company, he performed two person plays at a variety of institutions. “We never knew where we were going to perform,” he remarked, “Sometimes it was in a cafeteria for 30 kindergarteners and sometimes it was a big huge gymnasium where they had all the school districts come and it would 1,000 middle-schoolers.”

His career continued with starring roles in the films The Crow: Purgatory 2 and The Dead and the Damned. But it was a chance encounter that led him to focus on a much more personal projects.
David founded Legacy Production a film production company which make shorts, features and documentaries. Recent projects include feature films include Playing with Dolls, which David stars alongside Richard Tyson and the documentary Pure to fight human trafficking.

2018 has been an explosive year ( in a good way) for David Lockhart. He just released the first feature film of the trilogy, inspired by true events of the Lockhart family legend. In “Lockhart: Unleashing the Talisman,”. He is working on pre-production of Lockhart part 2 to be filmed in Egypt, Jordan, and India.
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David has recently received an honorary media awards in Beijing and Arts for Peace Awards.
He is the founder of Artistspalooza, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower artists to empower the world.

Other feature films that are scheduled for a 2018 release include Dead Ant where David plays a lead singer of a rock and roll band battling an army of giant ants,Rock n Roll Zombie Apocalypse, where he plays a lead singer of a rock band fighting Zombies, and The Mumbai King where he plays a washed up Elvis impersonator who travels to India to become a Bollywood star.

A theme that clearly grows from the actor’s own philosophy of life. “When people are doing whatever it is that they are passionate about,” he says, “that’s when they come to life —whether you’re a musician or an artist or a filmmaker or a journalist. That’s when you are your true authentic self and tapping into that power. You are your divine self. We are all amazing and powerful and beautiful and I love helping people to remember that.


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